How Does Colgos Cloud Knit Work?

In the world of Colgos Cloud Knit, you can knit sweaters, from any device, to any cloud-connected knitter.

When you knit through Colgos Cloud Knit, designed sweater patterns is quickly,then sent to your knitter over the web. Because it’s the web, Colgos Cloud Knit works whether you’re in the same city as your firends, or on another continent. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re on a phone, a traditional desktop, or anything in between (like a tablet).You can share your designed pattern to other users or friends,they just knit by Cloud knitter in the local.

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Why Colgos Cloud Knit?

As we’ve moved towards ever more powerful cloud-based applications and web-connected knitting devices, we’ve come to expect the same capabilities from them that we’ve taken for granted on our PCs. For many, kniting is near the top of that list.


With Cloud Ready knitter, the Colgos Cloud Knit experience is ready right out of the box. Cloud Ready Knitters register themselves directly with the Colgos Cloud Knit service over your home or office’s wireless network, so they’re always available. And because they’re always connected to the web, they can keep their drivers and firmware up to date without requiring your intervention.

Cloudknit Apps

By Colgos Cloud Knit Apps,you can design your sweaters from your any devices,whether PC or mobile device, you can design beautifully patterns,send to your cloud knitter knit it or upload to Colgos web for share it. If you don't want design a pattern,you also can download a pattern from Colgos web. More about CloudKnit appsmanagement page. To learn more about how to knit by Colgos Cloud Knit, see here.

For Friends Too

Colgos Cloud Knit allows you to share knitters with friends, family, or coworkers as easily as you would share a Colgos Cloud Knit design pattern - perfect for guests looking to knit a sweater. From the Colgos Cloud Knit management page, it only takes a single click to share Knitters that you own with trusted individuals. You can also track knit jobs on your shared Knitters, and modify or revoke sharing rights at any time. To learn more about sharing knitters, see here.

CloudKnit Ready

Colgos Cloud Knit is the new knitting technology used by CloudKnit on Your Cloudknit and the web live hand in hand and, for that reason, it didn’t feel right tying you down with local Knitter software. If you own a Cloudknit, you can knit Cloudknit file directly by hitting Ctrl + K, or you can knit from within your web apps by looking for the “Knit with Colgos Cloud knit” button - just make sure you’ve set up a knitter first.

Develop Pattern Ready

Colgos Cloud web is open for developers, if you are a cloud knitting enthusiast, you can open a shop for the sale of your design patterns, and share your Cloud Knitter to users with knitting service. seehere.

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