Cloud Ready Knitter

Here is a new solution for your knitting jobs in the near future- for knitting overseas. We recommend that you use a Cloud Ready knitter. Cloud Ready knitters connect directly to the web and don’t require a PC to setup: you can connect one to your Colgos Cloud Knit account in seconds, and immediately start knitting to it.

Cloud Knit Ready badge

Colgos Cloud Knitter

Colgos devices that support Colgos Cloud Knit connect directly to the Colgos Cloud Knit server. You can send knit sweaters from anywhere using your mobile devices or computers.

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Setup instructions

If your want your Colgos Cloud Knitter supports Colgos Cloud Knit, please see the Colgos Cloud knitter Guide for setup instructions.

Supported knitter models

  • CloudKnit I (CK-901CE)
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