What are you thinking of we bringing? Your expectant cloud knitter, a truly cool and distinct knitting machine. Using effortlessly with the cloudknit sweater design software on PC or Mobile Devices with colgos Apps, even just knit your sweater on Colgos website.

Im Cloud Knitter

Loving it is easy
That's why so many people do

Personalise your sweaters with colgos cloud knitter and cloud sweater designing system to match your idea. Imagine, you personally design your sweater and knitting it with colgos, your family or friends will not only feel the warmth, there are deep in love. .

Apps for your cloudknitter

Sweaterdesigning with Colgos CloudKnit apps

Colgos brings you the best of both worlds – Cloudknit sweater designing system for PC and CloudKnit apps for your mobile devices.Design your sweater,not only your PC,you can design with your Smart Phone or Tablet PC

CloudKnit is a trademark of Colgos Co, Ltd. The Colgos Seawters apps is designed or modified from work created and shared by Colgos and used according to terms described in the Attribution License.

Effortless and Cloud-based.

Using Colgos CloudKnit quickly becomes sweater maker. Colgos's CloudKnit use easly to your needs effortlessly, seamlessly adapting to your knitting by Colgos Cloud Knitting Machine.

Future Life

Colgos committed to creating your future life.With Colgos™,future home of someting quite coll!

The Colgos shows you what matters.Having a connected,in-home clothing making device opens up new opportunities for the clothing industry. An online marketplace takes the place of brick and mortar stores.
Says Colgos, was “to come up with a solution to deal with the knit and wear that would begin to make drastic changes in 2014.”

Effortless and fast net-based user designing system

Design From Any Device

Colgos CloudKnit App

Design your sweaters on the PC or mobile device with CloudKnit designing software, directly knit your sweater with CloudKnitter.

Knit Anywhere

Cloud Knitting

If you do not have the CloudKnitter, just upload your desined sweater pattarn to the Colgos.com, and choose a shared CloudKnitter,knitting your sweater.

Share Your Knitting

Share Pattarns And Knitter

Quickly start the designing,upload your sweater pattarns to Colgos.com,the user directly knit a sweater.

Design by CloudKnit

Sweater Art design

You want to out of the ordinary. You want to desig and knit a sweater for your family and lover.just by CloudKnit!

Make it yours

Choose what you want

Excited about that stylish top from sweater show but wish you could have it for the party tonight? Why not just knit it right at home?

CloudKnit Software

Designing Sweater
Design your sweater by CloudKnit software


Share Your Knitting upload and Download knitting

Buletooth Connect

Bluetooth connect with mobile device


220V 50Hz;110V 60hz


Effortless smart knitting


Connected PC or Mobile device


Height:250 mm
Width:400 mm
Leight:1250 mm
Weight:25 kgs


Release soon

* All specifications and prices subject to change without notice,will be published later.

Specs image
  • CloudKnit One;  
Colours *  
Dimensions & Weight
  • Height:250 mm
  • Width:400 mm
  • Length:1250 mm
  • Weight:25 kgs
  • Optional  
Control System  
  • Processor:ARM9
  • Needles:200
  • 220V 50Hz
  • 110V 60hz
  • * Colour availability will be published later.
  • ** All specifications and prices subject to change without notice, will be published later.
Specs image

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